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In general steel wire rope has multiple applications in the offshore Oil & Gas operations. Primarily Offshore operations typically witness a multitude of hostility factors like the weather and rough seas. Steel wire ropes have seen good inputs over a few decades in the form of innovative and constructive designs.
Non- rotating, low rotation, and rotation resist are special types of wire ropes that employ specialized techniques like counter lay orientation in successive layers and the addition of die-forming techniques like swaging and compaction to achieve reduced rotation in the wire rope.
Wire Ropes and Slings find a wide array of uses in many industries. This blog post serves to inform of the Essentials in Wire Ropes, Strands and Slings. This post will be part of a series of informative posts that will carry all the essential information a diligent and inquisitive reader desires.
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Bharat wire ropes manufactures PVC Coated general engineering wire ropes. Our competitive prices will help you make a conscientious choice. BWR emphasize quality ideals through rigorous quality standards
As we are original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we have a range of steel elevator wire rope, hoist ropes. Our wire ropes have traction properties for a safe and smooth jerk-free movement over the pulley
Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. has a depth of experience in catering to the fishing industry and its applications. We manufacture sturdiest fishing wire ropes that will fulfil trawling, shipping and mooring needs
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